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  Blue Moon, Acrylic on Panel 24" X 36" NFS

Statement from the Artist
I’ve considered myself a landscape painter for more than a decade, but my Master’s work has prompted me to inquire into precisely where my work fits into the landscape tradition and why I choose this particular motif as my primary focus.
     The description of intimate spaces and sublime vistas are my response to the way the landscape reflects the light and creates patterns on the forms of natural surfaces. Through the use of graduated hues, abstracted mark-making and highly saturated color I am able to articulate a range of emotional responses that speak to aesthetic rationales, and to psychological and spiritual concerns, allowing access into the magic of those special places.
     While producing my work, I find myself feeling nostalgic for childhood memories that revolved around sweet spots in the environment. In order to have a greater engagement with these ideas, I invited friends and neighbors to take me to the places that resonate most deeply with them. Along with the pure attachment to aesthetic qualities, my new work reflects an engagement with events that cause a disruption through the hand of man and nature. I have addressed issues concerning “saving place” through an involvement with installation that incorporates constructed sculptural forms, creating an environment that invites viewer interaction. Ultimately, this passion to articulate the landscape appears to be a long and never ending journey that brings attention to both beauty and responsibility.

MJ Signature

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" ... way of making the energy of the woods, fields, trees and nature come alive and vibrate a persons soul. "
- Artist, Educator, Deb S.

"... stopping to look at your paintings bring a bit of peace to these crazy lives of ours. "
- Florist, Farmer, Nancy L.

"... someone who has remained a constant source of inspiration throughout my artistic career ..."
- Artist, Nick K.


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